Our Services

At Give IT, we have over 20 years in business in Information Technology and Information Services.  With this experience, we have developed a service model to provide businesses with the best products on the market, enhancing reliability, productivity and scalability, with the best prices.

Features included in our Security SLA:

  1. Enhanced Security Features such as 2FA and Password Policy.
  2. Antivirus on all computers – monitored, up to date, with enhanced features such as password control on changes to AV.
  3. A Logmein subscription allowing secure remote access to customers.
  4. Access to our help desk system.
  5. Fortnightly updates to computers and weekly for server, with reboots.
  6. Monitoring Bitdefender Gravityzone Cloud portal for Virus Activity and Malware.
  7. Advice and changes protecting against new threats.
  8.  Best Hardware Pricing.  We have a set minimal margin on all hardware.   We give you a fair benchmark for products.  We only offer products that we are happy to partner with based on product performance and product components. We are about quality, and performance over time. 

              Our Partners